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What is bootstrapping?

This question has been asked numerous times over the course of the past few years when the word “bootstrapping” has gained some more mainstream exposure, but bootstrapping your business has been a method for centuries. The basis of bootstrapping is simple:

Starting a business with little or no start-up funding.

Yes, it really is that simple of a definition, as far as we are concerned. Now, the art of bootstrapping is something completely different. Defining what bootstrapping is, and actually bootstrapping your business is two different things. We will be discussing the art of bootstrapping later on, so lets stick to the topic at hand “What is bootstrapping?”

There are thousands of new companies who start their business every month around the world, and are bootstrappers, but do not even know it. Starting a business with little to no external funding is the main way businesses have been started for hundreds of years, but only recently has this term and ideology been brought to the forefront of the world. This is one of the reasons for this blog, to shed light on what bootstrapping is, how to bootstrap your business, and give great bootstrapping articles and bootstrapping tips for anyone involved in online or offline entrepreneurship.

So, to sum up this article, Bootstrapping is the art of starting a business with little to no external funding, as well as little to no funding of your own. If you are a bootstrapper, you know all about cutting corners, and if you want to start a business, but don’t know where to turn for ideas on how to get off the ground, Bootstrapping Blog is the place to be. So please remember, all of your comments and input here will help to keep this site growing, as well as the ideas, tips and resources we will be providing.

  1. can bootstrappers look for external funding? must it be instant ROI? I see differing schools of thought…

  2. I know some people will say that external funding is good to get you off the ground, but in my honest opinion, I would never want to OWE someone money before I knew my business was going to be a huge success. After so much bootstrapping has been done, and you work it out so your business is profiting on a regular basis for a few months to a year, then you can look for external funding.

    I think it’s just safer that way. Again though, thats just my opinion on it all. There might be others who disagree with me :)