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More Kick A$$ Guerrilla Marketing Promotions Part 2

Well seeing as it is Monday again and we have to come back inside after enjoying a spring weekend (we just got rid of our snow and finally our spring fever).

I figured I would continue on with my favorite Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns that I have found around the web. Happy Monday everyone!

Ego Boost

I love when simple concepts are the ones that make the biggest impact. This one is fun, innovative and feeds male ego at the same time.


Jaws Eats Bus Passengers

I am huge fan of the vehicle wrap. When done well you will always get attention. Your audience is bored waiting in traffic, it has movement and it is memorable. All the makings of a campaign that will be talked about at dinner tables and push your message along.


Half a Bus Stop

The last time I had a blog post that had the message to use less we had a huge discussion about green marketing and the merits and morals of advertising.

The impact this one creates is great. One of the best ways to get attention is to take a familiar object and turn it’s concept upside down. Good job Denver Water!


Is IKEA taking over the world

It would seem that I have accidentally created a public transit guerrilla marketing post I will continue with the theme. As the one above it is a great job of taking the familiar and playing with perception. I hope that it does not rain.


10 Great Guerrilla Marketing Examples

So you may have noticed lately that I’ve been writing a lot about Guerrilla Marketing. Not only because the concepts of some of the tactics and ideas are great, but also because it is the purest form of Bootstrapping; Guerrilla Marketing is a way to showcase your business or product in unconventional methods that often times cost little-t0-no money. I’ve found some of the best photos that will show you just exactly why Guerrilla Marketing works and will definitely have you looking at them and going “Why didn’t I think of that?”

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