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Free Guerrilla Marketing Advice

Do you run a business? Do you work for a business? Would you like free guerrilla marketing advice for your business/website? Obviously the answers to these questions are all yes – obviously

So what I am going to do here for the rest of the month is this:

I am giving away free guerrilla marketing advice for your business/blog/website. Yes, 100% free.

You can do so in the comments here or via email through the contact form. At the end of the month I will put together all of the questions and answers and create a giant guerrilla marketing advice article for all of the other readers to benefit from as well.

When you write me, please include your name, email, website (if you have one), type of business, ideal clients & any other information you feel would help me better understand you and your company. This way I can create a guerrilla marketing campaign that will fit perfectly with what you are doing with your business and help gain the exposure you deserve.

So what are you waiting for? Lets plant some seeds together and grow together!

10 Awesome Guerrilla Marketing Videos

To keep going with the guerrilla marketing examples, I’ve went through youtube and found the best guerrilla marketing examples to give us all a “live” view of what the guerrilla marketing ads can do as far as user reaction. Plus, some of these are genius! If you’d like to be kept up to date on when we post new guerrilla marketing examples along with all of the other bootstrapping and small business marketing content we post here, please take a second to subscribe to our rss feed or click here to receive email updates.

This is a guerrilla marketing ad for OREO that shows an OREO cookie getting dunked into milk every time the elevator reaches the bottom floor in this building. Definitely a good idea, and as you can see about half way through, people are actually walking by rubbing their bellies, so it works.

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Building an effective Guerrilla Marketing Strategy

Guerrillas create a strategy in seven simple sentences. No more need for a comprehensive marketing plan that lists projected goals in great detail for the next five years and other nonsense. Today, the guerrillas and bootstrappers out there know what it takes to win with their marketing and win in a very high margin. These seven sentences can make or break your marketing strategy, so never leave home without them.

  1. The purpose of the marketing – The physical action you want your prospect to take.
  2. How you’ll achieve this purpose – your competitive advantage and benefits.
  3. Your target market – who are you aiming to benefit?
  4. The marketing weapon you’ll use – online, offline, magazine print, ect.
  5. The niche and your position and what you stand for.
  6. The identity of your business – Not who owns it, but what you stand for.
  7. Your budget – This should be expressed as a percentage of your projected revenue.

I’m going to cover each of these seven sentences and give an example of my own personal blog design company marketing plan for each step and then show you how it comes together at the end.

The purpose of your marketing

This is the introduction sentence to your paragraph and should outline what you’re looking to gain from the marketing you’re putting into action. Is your marketings sole purpose to create awareness of global warming or is your marketings purpose to generate traffic to your business website in order to gain visitors and potential sales?

The purpose of Blog Theme Machine’s marketing is to generate sales for my blog design services.

How you’ll achieve this purpose

This is going to give a quick outline of the way you intend to achieve this purpose. How will you accomplish your targeted goals? What makes your product or service needed compared to others? In our previous article about People buying benefits not features, we talked about this a little bit. This sentence should explain what your product or service does that sets it apart from the others and makes it a benefit to your client/customer.

In order to achieve the purpose of my marketing I will position my blog designs as being a benefit to their branding as well as potential profit increases.

Your target market

This should be self explanatory but some people forget to think about this part of their marketing. A generalization isn’t going to get you the benefits that the pinpoint accuracy of your target market. Throwing a fishing rod into an ocean without any research on the area could get you a few bites, but knowing a specific area with fish that love the bait you’re using could get you hundreds of bites.

The target market that I am after is bloggers from around the world.

The marketing weapon you’ll use

This will be whatever marketing tools you’ll use. General ideas are good, but again, targeted ideas are great. If you’re an author of a book or blog on a specific subject, why not put a fish bowl at the library and give the winner a free copy of your book, or a free downloadable copy of your e-book? Remember that you’re always thinking about what can and will work the best for your business.

This will be accomplished by emailing 100 bloggers from 5 different niches along with purchasing advertisement space on high traffic blogs.

Your niche, your position and what you stand for

The niche is pretty close to your target market but slightly different. If you’re a plumber, your target market my be the elderly who are too weak to fix the problems themselves while your niche is the plumbing industry. The position you talk about is geared towards explaining why your product or service is needed and what your company stands for.

The niche that my blog design company inhabits is the blogging industry. My position is that of a high quality blog design that increases the clients profits and adds to their branding across the internet.

The identity of your business

What your company stands for could be many things, but remember that an identity and your image are two completely different things. The image of your company is a false impression that you give your clients; one of exceedingly high worth and expectations you normally cannot live up to. Your identity is what you’re known for and what you want people to remember about you.

Our identity will be that of quality, great customer service reliability and friendly conversations geared towards creating a high comfort level & one-on-one business arrangement.

Your budget

Your goal is to budget only a specific amount of money in the initial stages and then fund your marketing efforts off the profits that it brings in. Generally, most small businesses will allocate a specific percentage to their budget and will hold true to it. Your budget can be anywhere from 5% to 50% depending on how much money you want to put into it and how great your ROI (return of investment) is.

25% of sales will be allotted to my guerrilla marketing campaign.


So now you’ve seen what each sentence is used for and why they are important to your guerrilla marketing strategy, but what does it look like all put together? Below is my 7 sentence guerrilla marketing strategy I put together for the purpose of this article, and for future marketing. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact me.

The purpose of Blog Theme Machine’s marketing is to generate sales for my blog design services. In order to achieve the purpose of my marketing I will position my blog designs as being a benefit to their branding as well as potential profit increases. The target market that I am after is bloggers from around the world. This will be accomplished by emailing 100 bloggers from 5 different niches along with purchasing advertisement space on high traffic blogs. The niche that my blog design company inhabits is the blogging industry. My position is that of a high quality blog design that increases the clients profits and adds to their branding across the internet. Our identity will be that of quality, great customer service reliability and friendly conversations geared towards creating a high comfort level & one-on-one business arrangement. 25% of sales will be allotted to my guerrilla marketing campaign.

Monday Marketing Tip: People buy benefits, not features

Your customers don’t buy shampoo; they buy clean and manageable hair. My clients don’t by a custom blog design, they buy higher profits and better branding. It’s simple; people hire you because of what you can do for them, not what you do. This might sound a bit confusing, but if you stand back for a minute and really think about it, it’s true. You don’t go to the store and buy toothpaste; you buy clean teeth and fresh breath. This holds true in any business online or offline.

If you’re freelancing full time, or you run your own small business, remembering this and building your marketing around it can really make or break your campaign. Focusing on the nuts and bolts of what your company does rather then what the end result is for the customer will not only hurt your sales, but your branding will suffer as well. For the average Search Engine Optimization company, their central focus is “your website will be #1 in Google for *this keyword*” yet if they were to stop proclaiming this and explain the 20-30 steps they take in order to make your website #1 for a specific keyword, they would surely lose clients and drive away any potential clients who are looking for the benefit, not the feature. Always remember that your clients hire you because of what you can give them and not necessarily what it takes you to get to that point, so exploit it for all its worth and make sure that is what you talk about in your marketing and copywriting.

Your software could have 300 cool features built in, and all kinds of extra additions that can be customized to the clients requests, but in the end, if your software doesn’t benefit your customer, or if the customer doesn’t know what it can do to benefit them, you’re losing out on that sale. Fluff is overrated.

* Editors note: Every monday we will be featuring a quick marketing tip like this, so make sure you subscribe to our feed to stay up to date with our newest articles.

26 MORE Guerrilla Marketing Tactics You Should Be Using

Let’s follow up our original post: 24 Guerrilla Marketing Tactics You Should Be Using, I want to write about 26 more ideas to round the full number to 50 guerrilla marketing tactics. If you’ve got more ideas, feel free to leave a comment. If you like the article, feel free to digg it or stumble it. I’d appreciate it.

  1. Client Appreciation BBQ – Invite your past clients to a BBQ and let them invite 1-2 friends to come with them. This will help your customers LOVE you even more than they already do, as well as bring some new faces into contact with you as potential clients.
  2. Outdoor Signs – Ever see the huge amounts of signs in the grass for mayor elections or in the front yard of a house that just got remodeled? This is a great, and inexpensive way to get your websites name out there. Pick a great tagline or picture for the ads, and you’ll be sure to get noticed.
  3. Circulars – A lot of people nowadays are looking for good deals on just about anything, so when they receive the “junk mail” it’s not considered as “junk” anymore. Get a brochure put into these and you’ll have a good chance at 10-100K people to see it depending on how big the circulation is.
  4. Newspapers – You don’t have to just buy an ad. Today, a lot of newspapers are hurting for editorials, so if you have any copy writing skills, you can send in some editorials to the newspapers and include a byline for your company/website information.
  5. Magazines – Similar to above. Don’t just buy an ad that will get looked over, but write an article and if it is well written, when people read it, they’ll want to check out your website for more information on you.
  6. Put it on a bus – Mobile advertising is great and will get viewed by a lot of potential clients on a daily basis.
  7. Postcard Mailing – This is a bit cheaper then sending out envelopes that might weigh a bit and it also is easier for the potential client to read what you’re promoting without having the OPTION of opening the envelope (a postcard is one single piece of paper).
  8. Write an E-book – You can do this for to reasons. 1, you can write a free e-book on a topic in your niche and circulate it so people will start to see you as an authority in your niche, or you can also sell the book for a small profit and use that money to fund some of the other Guerrilla Marketing tactics.
  9. Giving it Away – How many people will turn down a free service or product? I don’t think very many will, so your voice and company will get out there in front of a lot of people. It’s also good for press to say you’ve given away X amount of products or services.
  10. Enter Business Awards – from small, local awards, to big, multi-national ones like Inc., your company could benefit from the exposure inside the awards. It’s an added bonus if you win because then you have a nice trophy in the office, or ribbon on your website that says you’re a good company.
  11. Link Bait & Viral Marketing – This is a well known tip to bloggers and website owners but few actually use it to their full advantage. For example, Matt Inman from created some surveys as link bait for his dating site. Eventually, his dating website ended up as #1 in google for “online dating”, ahead of and the other big players in that niche. Lonelygirl15 is another viral marketing showcase on how creating some funny videos can boost your viewers in a huge way.
  12. Offer all the extras – If you design, offer to setup hosting and buy the domain name. If you cut grass, offer to come in the winter and shovel snow. If you cook dinners for offices or nurses at hospitals, offer to create desserts. The ideas are endless, but if you give your clients EVERYTHING, they will have nothing to go elsewhere for.
  13. Borrow a wall/building - get a projector and find someone to let you use the side of their business/wall, and have your company logo/website/information shown on it every night. I know I would personally stop and look at what was showing on the side of a building for sure, so I can imagine how many others would as well.
  14. Own the bus stop – Not literally, but if you can get your ad on the poster area of the bus stop along with the seat inside the bus stop, you could effectively “own” the bus stop and the eyes of everyone who stands there on a daily basis waiting for the bus. Add this in with #6 and you’ve got something everyone will remember and talk about.
  15. Movie Theater Ads – I’ve looked into these for myself and they are generally very inexpensive as far as ads of this style go. Think about the movie you want your ad to show for and target it accordingly. A hiphop movie would be a great place for my Kicks Junkie website to be promoted, while a teen movie will do best with games/celebrity news.
  16. Doctors Office Magazines – I’d slip business cards into magazines every time you go to the doctors. That’s what they get for making you sit in a waiting room for 2 hours at a time, only to be seen by the doctor for 10 minutes :)
  17. Sex Sells -If your business is built for it, use it. Anything that isn’t “highly upper class” could use a little sex in their ads or in various ways. Building on the 24 guerrilla marketing tactics I wrote about, you could have 5-10 bikini models picket outside your business. This will definitely grab attention of guys in cars passing by.
  18. Sponsor the homeless – I believe in helping people in any way possible. If you see a homeless person somewhere on your daily commute to work, or various other places, you could pay the homeless person to hold a sign that reads “ paid me to hold this sign”. Regardless if it brings a TON of business your way or not, at least you’ll feel good about yourself, and you’ll touch that persons life forever. Buy them lunch and dinner or take them to a grocery store and pick out some chips and various other foods they can keep with them. Buy them a hotel room for the night to sleep in and get cleaned up. They’ll gladly stand with a sign for you after you do this for them.
  19. Underground Music – Is there a genre of music that your target market listens to? I bet there are hundreds, if not, thousands of music groups that are unsigned and lack funds to survive off their music. Why not offer to rent the hall for their next performance in exchange for flyers and banners during the show, or passed out at the door? You can also sponsor their CD production, or offer to get their website created in exchange for advertising at their shows, on the site, ect.
  20. Cross-Promotion on 404 Pages – Network with other bloggers or website owners and exchange banners on 404 pages. You could also promote affiliate offers or at the very least, put a google adsense block on it. The ideas for this are limitless and you can do different tests on each of your websites.
  21. M&M Candy – If you go to the M&M website, you’ll notice that you can personalize your candy. You can use this to either promote your business or just put a thank you onthe candy and give it to a client.
  22. Hair Salon’s and Barber Shops – How much talking happens in one of these places on a daily basis? Why WOULDN’T you want to be a business they are talking about? Drop in and offer the hair stylists some free food from your restaurant or coupons for free products. They’ll be talking about you to everyone who comes through the salon for weeks to come!
  23. 800 number and PO Box – I’ve talked about these two things before but I know they deserve to be mentioned here. If you’re looking for a company in the yellowpages or online and one has a home address and a number like this: 1-333-565-3245, while the one next to it has a PO Box for the address and a 1-800 number, which do you think is more likely to ‘look’ and ‘feel’ more professional? What company do you think is going to get the first call? You guessed it, the one with the 800 number and PO Box. Read Here to find out more about these.
  24. Press Releases – Regardless of what anyone tells you, a well formed and well written press release can gain you a lot of attention not only from the media, but from the target market as well. Don’t let this simple tool pass you by when trying to establish your bootstrapped business.
  25. Airplane Chauffeur – Find out when a trade show pertaining to your business will be in town. Next, hire a student or someone who will work for a low amount of money and have them hand make a sign with your websites address on it and stand next to baggage claim or right outside the door of the airport. They aren’t picking anyone up, but the people walking by and seeing your website address don’t know that.
  26. Let Others Talk You Up – For the final tip in this installment of the list (yes, there will be more coming soon) I want to leave you with something that sounds so simple, but you probably never thought about. A lot of people will enlist their friends and family to talk to other people about their business, but why not get people who aren’t super close to you, pay them a bit of money and send them out to bars, clubs, movies, restaurants and other busy places to talk up your business. Any word of mouth is good, even if you have to by the persons dinner in order for them to do it. Every little bit helps.

If you liked this list, please take a second to comment and let me know or digg/stumble/reddit it for me. I would appreciate it. Thank you for taking the time out to read this article!