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10 Great Guerrilla Marketing Examples

So you may have noticed lately that I’ve been writing a lot about Guerrilla Marketing. Not only because the concepts of some of the tactics and ideas are great, but also because it is the purest form of Bootstrapping; Guerrilla Marketing is a way to showcase your business or product in unconventional methods that often times cost little-t0-no money. I’ve found some of the best photos that will show you just exactly why Guerrilla Marketing works and will definitely have you looking at them and going “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Click the images for a full view of the ads.

  1. Calgary Farmers Market
    Calgary Farmers Market
  2. Father Bob Maguire Foundation
    guerrilla marketing homeless dinner ad
  3. Hubba BubbaGuerrilla Marketing Hubba Bubba
  4. Taiba HospitalGuerrilla Marketing Taiba Hospital
  5. Alberta Canada SkiingAlberta Guerrilla Marketing
  6. Yuzo SushiSushi Guerrilla Marketing
  7. Mr CleanMr Clean Guerrilla Marketing
  8. American AirlinesAmerican Airlines Guerrilla Marketing Google
  9. Children Know No Boundaries
  10. Monster Trucks

I want to also leave you with a video I seen on youtube. Watch it and then post a comment and let me know if you can follow it correctly. I know I didn’t.

  1. I like number 8. I’ll bet that gets some interesting search results!

  2. Hi Justin,

    Thanks for the comment. I appreciate you stopping by and hope you stick around :)

    Yeah, they have a few different billboards for that campaign. I’ll see if I can dig some of the other links up and feature them in a new article.

    Any questions or comments on anything, I’d love to hear them.


  3. Haha… the commercial was really funny. You say that guerilla marketing should cost little to nothing? Well, I don’t think I could afford to do anything on your list… so… how exactly do they qualify as “guerilla marketing”? Maybe Unique marketing… but “guerilla”..? hmmm…


  4. I didn’t mean to be… well, mean in the last comment. I just meant that compared to your list of 50, these don’t seem to be “guerilla”… But your list of 50 is wonderful.

  5. Hi Pamela,

    I don’t think your comment was mean :)

    I see what you mean about a few of these costing more then the list of 50. Some of them are a bit more expensive (like the billboard) but a few of them can be very cost effective. For instance.

    10. Monster Trucks – This one can be pretty cheap. Start by picking up a cheap piece of crap car at the junk yard for a few hundred bucks, placing it in your parking lot and putting a sign in front of it. This could work great with a car dealership with a slogan similar to “Sudden need for a new car?” or something similar to that. Eye catching and pretty inexpensive.

    6. Yuzo Sushi – For this one, you could find someone who does airbrush work and have them do it for around 100-200 dollars. Alternately, you can get it custom done which could run a bit more. I’ve seen a few cars and trucks around here with the entire vehicle airbrushed and it looks great and I’m sure it gets a lot of attention.

    2. Father Bob Maguire Foundation – A lot of places on and offline can print up images on clear sticky paper. Find some garbage cans, stick the little images on it (napkin, logo, ect). Pretty cost effective :)

  6. I love the commercial, it makes a great point. I know I definitely didn’t see it the first time.

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  8. Mike

    Great guerrilla marketing examples! Really was a pick-me-up and got my creative side working….

    I also wanted to comment on your statement about the cars and trucks gaining a lot of attention through the graphics that cover them. You are right…they do attract attention everywhere they go, but they aren’t airbrushed. Vehicles that are used as moving billboards (such as that) are covered with a vinyl wrap with a design that has been digitally printed – known as “vehicle wraps.” The best part about them is the fact that they CAN’T be ignored (like tv with DVR or radio with XM)….much like your guerrilla marketing ideas!

  9. sure i did count the passes..but i think i am even more stupid than others
    after the video was rewinded i STIL MISSED the moonwalking person…
    i had to play it again to notice him O MI LORD..
    and i am a cyclist btw :)

    about the commercias, i liked all of them ,except l3,8(which i don’t get “)) ), and 10
    gluck with the project!

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  11. Any ideas for guerilla marketing campaign related to nail-polish? I can’t think of one, it’s a school assignment :)

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  13. Great article. I believe that running is essential in weight loss!

  14. I kind of agree. I wonder what will have to change though for that to happen.

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  17. Hi,

    I really liked your last video on youtube !!!thank you !!
    and i just wanted to ask you something since you seem to be really informed about guerilla marketing.
    I am a french student in marketin, and we are goin to work on a automobile case, and we would like to use this type of strategy , but do you think it is appropriate for this kind of sectors ?

    Thank you for all your informations on your web site !

  18. Certainly, I think there is a place for innovation in marketing and guerrilla marketing in every sector. I know in Quebec here in Canada, I know one of the car companies did a major guerrilla campaign around almost a scavenger hunt. They used a bunch of TV spots with a lady from the future, tied it in the web. I will look for the link again. I know I talked about it on the site. Now that is a lot larger scale then I’m guessing that you would be working on.

  19. hey

    Thank you for the video, it is really original, but there is something i don’t understand : in what this adverstising is guerrilla marketing?
    Us we were thinking at an advertising where the advantages of the car were really underlined, with putting some other car that not procure the same options. I mean, an advertising whoch the mean line will be “try inovation, if you want to be in, tak THIS car”. Maybe we are wrong guerrila marketing os not adapted to our strategie?

    Thank you


  20. compelling article. Have a extremely good day!

  21. Question. Guerrilla Marketing could be illegal, right? I mean, posting balloons with logos on existing ads can’t be “okay” or legal. Soooo, does the company who’s logo appears on the illegitimate ads get in trouble? Do they get fined? Do they promote like this to get fined and have the fine be an investment towards marketing? This is all so clever, yet mind boggling.

  22. I was wondering the same thing, do you have to get a permit from the city to put stickers on the garbage cans or paint the sidewalk? Or what about leaving your business cards all over the place, could you get in trouble for that?

  23. Yes you do have to be careful about how you go about doing it. Painting sidewalks would be a permit only kind of thing. So will weigh the marketing advantages to what you might have to pay as a fine to see if it is worth doing. As for Business Cards, or flyer type things I like to make it look like I have just left them behind by accident. for example I have left put a couple brochures around in an washroom at a convention center that had an event filled with my ideal clients. I also left a small stack of them by the sink so it just looked like I left them behind. I have actually had a good amount of success with that one.

    I however certainly don’t go for the vandalism type campaigns, I sometimes talk about them or show what others have done but that is not my personal style.

  24. Hey, I had another idea I came across, how about putting your website and logo onto stickers and sticking them to a bundle of notes and then spending that money around the country. Would be interesting to see whether you get one back in a few months ?
    Dont know if this would be illegal or not ! Any ideas ?

  25. I like your commercials,they are quiet funny and cool.
    .-= Icreon Review´s last blog ..Icreon Review =-.

  26. These are very interesting,it’s good to watch.
    .-= Icreon Review´s last blog ..Icreon Review =-.

  27. The Mr. Clean spot made me crack up; I need to practice coming up with techniques like this

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  30. Narrative…

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