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One Man’s Bootstrapping Journey Part 2

Well now that I shared the dark side of the coin, it’s time to shed some light on the bright side.

In the midst of the disaster that was the sales relationship in Part 1. I was also searching for a professional video guy that I could add to my contractor team. I was starting to get into a lot of internet video for local companies and for the SEO strength. I have a closet love for all things video and video production but I did not quite have the skills to take the projects to that next level that I desired.

I happened to find a guy and made a meeting that has changed my life completely and has also created a lifelong friendship that will go well beyond just business.

When we met we had one of those meeting of the minds that seems to freeze time and before you know it hours have passed. Sheldon had just launched Calgary Wedding Television and after answering some very specific and strategic questions properly (thankfully I did) he let me in on his plans and his business bag of tricks.

Since then I have been involved in the launch of Calgary Homes Television, traveled to Germany to evaluate another business opportunity and am overjoyed to be able to give so much of my time to the project even though we have yet to be financed the day to day thrill makes it all worth while.

So I guess my lesson for this post is almost opposite from the one in part 1. For this one I will say if it feels right then you sometimes just need to take the plunge. I have not always had the best successes with the start-ups that I have been a part of but everything about this one feels right both logically from a business model perspective as well as a team perspective.

In Part 3 I will talk about how time can change everything….

One Man’s Bootstrapping Journey – Part 1

I have been a stranger to my blog for the better part of a year now and to the people who continue to stop by and check in on things I both thank you and apologize.

I have made a commitment to finish the year strong and tell you a bit about the journey I and my business has been on over the last year. This could almost be seen as a bit of a state of the union address filled with a few lessons and some great stories.

So for Part 1, Lets start with a lesson: If something feels wrong and dirty then it most likely is! Towards the end of last year I started to look for a sales person to start to help me take my business to the next level and take some of the day to day pressure off myself. I ended up meeting with a guy that contacted me out of the blue so I figured I would give the meeting a shot. After the first meeting it never did feel quite right but I  choose to ignore the signs and continued on against my better judgement. BAD DECISION!!

One of the things that you don’t always think about when you get into these arrangements is what it could do to your personal and business reputation. I was smart when it came to protecting and keep my current clients at arms length from the sales guy. A decision that I thank my lucky stars for every day. If I hadn’t I think I could have lost my entire business in the matter of a couple months.

In the end I lost piles of my personal time, resources of my team, and revenue that I would have been able to have made if I had just been doing it on my own. I still have projects that are left unfinished that I feel I have a moral obligation to do the work even though I am going to continue to take a loss. It is really the only way I can begin to possibly keep a relationship with these clients and attempt to repair the reputation loss that my company may have faced.

So take the time to really research and interview before you get into these types of arrangements and don’t go all in right from the start. Their are a lot of Snake Oil Salesmen out there and if you feel the least bit funny about the person just do a small test project to make sure. You should be able to get an indication to see where the “all talk” ends and the work begins.

So that was Part 1 of my year in review. In Part 2 I will share the flip side of the coin with you and talk about the Calgary Homes and the Calgary Weddings project and what happens when it all comes together.

“Make a Day of It” Celebration Marketing Podcast madot4: April Promotions bring May Profits

I must start by paying homage to one of the greatest Celebration Marketing Days that we have. St. Patrick’s Day, a day where we get out the green garb, raise a pint of food colored beer and chat about how great it would be to Irish.

The great thing is that until the 1970’s St. Patrick’s Day was a minor religious holiday where the priest would acknowledge the feast day and families would have a larger meal but that was about it.

The St. Patrick’s Day that we know and love is prety much “Made in America”.

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